060 | 28.03.2003 / 13:10
So... die News wieder "Aufgeräumt". Die alten News können im ARCHIV nachgelesen werden. Weiterhin gibts ein Update in der neuen eBay Sektion.
Gelöscht wurden:
BIS: 27.03.2003
John Christoph
er - Die dreibeinigen Monster BUCH -
ENDET: 27.03.03 17:52:04 MEZ

Hinzugefügt wurden:
BIS: 06.04.2003
John Christopher - Die Wächter BUCH - 06.04.03 23:20:25 MESZ
John Christopher - Die Lotushöhle BUCH - 06.04.03 23:20:25 MESZ
John Christopher - Insel ohne Meer BUCH - 06.04.03 23:35:17

059 | 26.03.2003 / 12:05
Und noch 'ne News heute. In den Episodenguides (die ich noch überarbeiten werde, da diese Texte nicht von mir Stammen) findet ihr nach und nach "Downloads". Diese Downloads sind 10-15 Sekunden Ausschnitte der jeweiligen Episode als MPEG-1 (spielbar als VCD oder mit dem Standart Windows Media Player (o.a. Playern, basierend auf Win/32)). Momentan sind "nur" für Episode 13, 15 und 17 vorhanden. Ich werde mir die Tage zeit nehmen und noch mehr "Ausschnitte" hinzufügen. Die MPEG Dateien sind mit RAR (http://www.rarlabs.com) gepackt, um das Volumen der Dateien zu verkleinern und den Traffic zu reduzieren. Sollten probleme mit dem Entpacken bestehen, einfach eine eMail an mich, ich werde dann AsaP helfen. VIEL SPASS ;)

058 | 26.03.2003 / 11:04
2 News für heute.
eBay Service. Ab heute werde ich versuchen, Täglich ein Update zu bringen, mit aktuellen (und legalen) eBay Auktionen, mit Inhalten zu TRIPODS und JOHN CHRISTOPHER. Das spart euch Zeit beim suchen und bringt evtl. mehr Gebote ins Spiel ;)
JavaChat. NDM hat ja nun schon seit einer Weile den JavaChat aktiv. Ab heute ist dieser auch OFFIZIELL von uns verlinkt worden (auf NDM's Chatsite). Wer also kein mIRC (o.a. Client) installieren will, kann damit sofort chatten (Javafähiger Browser ist hier notwendig).

057 | 20.03.2003 / 14:40
Heute nochmal ein "Offtopic". Heute geht's um "Star Wa
rs". Auf der Seite http://www.originaltrilogy.com/ kann man seine Unterschrift hergeben, das die ORIGINAL Fassung von Star Wars auf DVD erscheint und nicht die überarbeitete Version (auch kein THX). Auch ich habe auch mit meinem Namen unterschrieben.

056 | 19.03.2003 / 14:22
Heute ein wenig "Offtopic"... Hier ein "offener" Brief von
Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) an G. Bush. Ich finde es wichtig, so etwas publik zu machen. Schickt diesen Text also gerne weiter.


Monday, March 17th, 2003

George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC

Dear Governor Bush:

So today is what you call "the moment of truth," the day that "France and the rest of world have to show their cards on the table." I'm glad to hear
that this day has finally arrived. Because, I gotta tell ya, having survived 440 days of your lying and conniving, I wasn't sure if I could take much
more. So I'm glad to hear that today is Truth Day, 'cause I got a few truths I would like to share with you:

1. There is virtually NO ONE in America (talk radio nutters and Fox News aside) who is gung-ho to go to war. Trust me on this one. Walk out of the
White House and on to any street in America and try to find five people who are PASSIONATE about wanting to kill Iraqis. YOU WON'T FIND THEM! Why? 'Cause NO Iraqis have ever come here and killed any of us! No Iraqi has even threatened to do that. You see, this is how we average Americans think: If a certain so-and-so is not perceived as a threat to our lives, then, believe it or not, we don't want to kill him! Funny how that works!

2. The majority of Americans -- the ones who never elected you -- are not fooled by your weapons of mass distraction. We know what the real issues
are that affect our daily lives -- and none of them begin with I or end in Q. Here's what threatens us: two and a half million jobs lost since you took
office, the stock market having become a cruel joke, no one knowing if their retirement funds are going to be there, gas now costs two dollars a
gallon -- the list goes on and on. Bombing Iraq will not make any of this go away. Only you need to go away for things to improve.

3. As Bill Maher said last week, how bad do you have to suck to lose a popularity contest with Saddam Hussein? The whole world is against you,
Mr. Bush. Count your fellow Americans among them.

4. The Pope has said this war is wrong, that it is a SIN. The Pope! But even worse, the Dixie Chicks have now come out against you! How bad does it
have to get before you realize that you are an army of one on this war? Of course, this is a war you personally won't have to fight. Just like when you
went AWOL while the poor were shipped to Vietnam in your place.

5. Of the 535 members of Congress, only ONE (Sen. Johnson of South Dakota) has an enlisted son or daughter in the armed forces! If you really want to
stand up for America, please send your twin daughters over to Kuwait right now and let them don their chemical warfare suits. And let's see every
member of Congress with a child of military age also sacrifice their kids for this war effort. What's that you say? You don't THINK so? Well, hey, guess
what -- we don't think so either!

6. Finally, we love France. Yes, they have pulled some royal screw-ups. Yes, some of them can be pretty damn annoying. But have you forgotten we
wouldn't even have this country known as America if it weren't for the French? That it was their help in the Revolutionary War that won it for us? That it
was France who gave us our Statue of Liberty, a Frenchman who built the Chevrolet, and a pair of French brothers who invented the movies? And now
they are doing what only a good friend can do -- tell you the truth about yourself, straight, no b.s. Quit pissing on the French and thank them for
getting it right for once. You know, you really should have traveled more (like once) before you took over. Your ignorance of the world has not only made
you look stupid, it has painted you into a corner you can't get out of.

Well, cheer up -- there IS good news. If you do go through with this war, more than likely it will be over soon because I'm guessing there aren't a
lot of Iraqis willing to lay down their lives to protect Saddam Hussein. After you "win" the war, you will enjoy a huge bump in the popularity polls as
everyone loves a winner -- and who doesn't like to see a good ass-whoopin' every now and then (especially when it 's some third world ass!). And just
like with Afghanistan, we'll forget about what happens to a country after we bomb it 'cause that is just too complex! So try your best to ride this
victory all the way to next year's election. Of course, that's still a long ways away, so we'll all get to have a good hardy-har-har while we watch the
economy sink even further down the toilet!

But, hey, who knows -- maybe you'll find Osama a few days before the election! See, start thinking like THAT! Keep hope alive! Kill Iraqis -- they > got our oil!!


Michael Moore


055 | 14.03.2003 / 08:49
Ein neuer Link wurde durch Agmem im IRC Chat eingereicht: http://www.fortunecity.de/lindenpark/weinberg/568/tripods.html . Die Jungs Betreiben, bzw. sind beteiligt an Filmnächten. Einfach mal Reinsurfen ;) VIEL SPASS. Danke an Agmem.

054 | 04.03.2003 / 16:33
Makatom75, Aus unserer Yahoo Gruppe, reichte heute einen Artikel von Chris Orton ein -> http://www.circus.edendev.co.uk/otherarticles/tripods.htm. Sehr interessant beschrieben. Viel Spass beim Lesen :)
Die mirbekannte Y-Groups:
German Tripods Fans (wir hier :))

John Shackley
The Tripods

The official Tripods FanClub

053 | 01.03.2003 / 10:36
Kleine Schönheitskorekturen im Shop. Die "Kathegorien" würden nun Unterteil (erspart längere Ladezeiten). Weiterhin habe ich einen EPISODENGUIDE eingesetzt.

052 | 27.02.2003 / 12:50
Umbau der Seite. Nach langer Pause, wird die Seite ein wenig Umdekoriert. Ich hoffe, das "modifizierte" Design kommt bei euch an, hehe. Der Shop und die die BilderEcke is praktisch komplett erneuert worden. Sollte einer einen (oder auch mehrere) Fehler finden, bitte ich um Benachrichtigung ;) webmaster@diedreibeinigenherrscher.de

051 | 17.12.2002 / 09:57
John Christopher bringt am 28.März 2003 ein neue Buch auf dem Markt. Der Titel "Bad Dream". Leider habe ich noch keinen deutschen Verleger dafür gesehen, bzw. keinen Laden oder Onlineshop, der dieses Buch vertreibt.
Infos zur Geschichte:
Virtual Reality has become the predominant form of entertainment for the masses: with a helmet and glove and appropriate software programmes, they can spend their leisure time in fantasy worlds. One company has developed Total Virtual, an extension of the original in which the dreamer lies unconscious while fantasy worlds are experienced, not through helmet and glove, but by direct input to the brain. Anna's son has died in an act of rebellion against European dominion over Britain, and she opts for treatment using Total Virtual - to rediscover her lost child, at least in the illusion of fantasy. But when she dies in the clinic and more suspicious deaths follow, her brother, Michael, is left to discover the real, sinister objective behind the Total programme.